British Heritage of Tasmania

Our British heritage is profound.  British settlement began in 1803 with Lt. John Bowen, but it was thirty years before in 1773 that the British first visited Tasmania when Captain Furneaux explored our shores. The history of this heritage is colourful and more than interesting.  Up until 1978 (marking the 175th anniversary of Bowen's arrival), Tasmania celebrated its British foundations.  Since then a new thought arrived and was implemented, backed by the politically correct. When the 200th anniversary of the birth of our community occurred in September 2003, the Tasmanian Government refused to acknowledge or honour our founding pioneers, so not to offend radical minority, but well-funded groups.So the majority had to suffer.  This link and website is to remind all of our wonderous past;  the foundations of our State and that we should no forget the sacrifices and even servitude of those who paved the way for seceding generations - including I may add, those who wish for left-wing political reasons not to recognise it.

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